Due to delays of raw material because covid 19 please allow 10 to 14 business days(we do our best to get them out in 2 to 5) for delivery, try and remember we make these products from scratch so sometimes depending on demand(and delays recieving our raw material) it takes us a little longer to ship! One thing we can guarantee we are not here to take money and not give you a product in return! Let's try and practice a little more patience and grace with small businesses, we arent amazon!

Collection: Affiliate Program

Peace and prosperity thank you for your interest in our affiliate program here are the basics of how it works


The only inventory that is required is the purchase of your starter kit(see below)
No shipping, no website maintenance, we do all that for you!

Intial Investment= $192.00(plus shipping and handling)

The starter kit comes with 48 products (1 of every product we make discounted 50%)to resale or for personal use!

up to 25% commission on direct sales, up to 10% on all sales of people you bring on as affiliates as well as residual income on all direct sales done by your team

If you decide to join us, purchase your starter pack, once you've done that, follow our affiliate page @quin_sales on Instagram and then email your order # to quintessentialsgroupinfo@gmail.com to set up your affiliate  back office

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