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CUT CLOSE - shaving cream

CUT CLOSE - shaving cream

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Never have you EVER had a shaving cream that cleanses, gives good slip for a smooth close shave BUT is so moisturizing you’ll think you just shaved with  lotion!


*Use warm water

Apply a quarter size or as much as needed to the area being shaved. Spread all over until the area desires is covered, and use the shaver/razor of your choice..

MEN - wipe off with a warm damp towel and apply SIR after shave immediately (for face), follow up with SIR Shea Butter for body 


WOMEN -  wipe off with a warm damp towel and apply LOVE or AURA Shea Butter (depending on the area shaved)

Works well for all skin types.

*Results may vary


*Ingredients - Distilled Water (hydration) - Castile Soap (mild cleanser) - Emulsifying Wax (skin conditioner, natural thickener) - Palm Stearic Acid (natural thickener, skin conditioner) - Guar Gum (natural thickener) - Castor oil (emollient, skin protectant, moisturizer) - Jojoba Oil (antibacterial, moisturizing, calming, oil controlling) - Almond Oil (retains moisture, protects against UV rays, skin protectant) - Palm Oil (anti aging, moisturizing) - Glycerin (humectant, retains moisture, skin protectant) - Natural Fragrance Oil - Citric Acid (natural preservative