Carbon Flush Pre Brush Rinse

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This product was formulated to thoroughly detoxify your oral palette by combining the power of carbon, the natural antimicrobial properties of our proprietary blend of natural oils and Oxygen and the game changer chlorophyll!!


This product is excellent if your are suffering from

1. oral thrush(white fuzzy tongue) 

2. sore gums

3. inflamed gums

4. Bleeding gums

5. Hot/cold sensitivities 

6. Oral Abscess 

7. As a preventive measure to avoid issues above!




Distilled water

Vegetable glycerin 

Hydrogen peroxide

virgin coconut oil

virgin olive oil

Bentonite clay 

Activated carbon

Wheat grass(chlorophyll)

Clove essential oil


Recommended usage

Swish around oral pallet vigorously a minimum of 3 times a week idealy everyday before brushing for 3 to 5 minutes(while in the shower, or when you first wake up) or at night while in shower before bed!