Pure Deep Cleansing Shower Gel

Pure Deep Cleansing Shower Gel

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The name says it all! Our Pure black soap shower gel will cleanse your skin with a rich lather (when used with loofah) without depleting it of the natural moisture that it needs. Perfect for all skin types. 



MAGIC: One of our unisex scents that's perfect for day or night! With subtle notes of pepper and mahogany for the fellas and heart notes being sweet caramel and rich vanilla for the ladies!!!!! This blend is calm, yet noticeable!

BLISS: A citrus, fresh flower blend, with bottom notes of sweet fruit and candy. If you like Sweet Kisses (one of our discontinued scents), you will surely enjoy this!

QUEEN: Feminine, floral, fruity, and elegant. Top notes are jasmine and fresh gardenia, with other wonderful flirty scents. 

KING: A strong masculine scent that is powerful but not overbearing. Clean and fresh with hints of green apple, cedar and jasmine.

HIM: Crisp, refreshing, and robust.  A well rounded scent that is a must have for the ultimate gentleman! A slightly nostalgic cologne scent with a modern twist.

COTTON CANDY: Smell delicious with this fun and sweet candy fragrance.  This flirty scent is sure to linger long after you apply.

BABY FRESH: The classic baby powder scent that we all know and love!

ORIGINAL: Unscented




Ingredients: Distilled water, black soap, guar gum (natural thickener), castor oil, fragrance or essential oil